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    Conversation Classes in the Pub
    Learn languages over a drink with experienced native teachers. Aprende idiomas en un ambiente agradable y con profesores nativos. 5€ for one hour and fifteen minutes*
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    Thursday, Jan 18, 10:00pm
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    Signed up on Sunday | Jan 14, 2018
    Madrid, Spain
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    Madrid, Spain
    Respondents for taking part in market research PAID interviews  Madrid, Spain| by Gala García
    We are a market research agency and we need people to take part in online interviews, surveys, online communities, etc. You will get an incentive for your time. For every project, we need people with different profiles and people that buy/consume specific products or services.
    For every project we will provide all the information: type of project, length, incentive, profile needed, etc. So you can decide to join the project or not.
    If you are interested in taking part in future projects, please fill the following details and we will contact you when we have some project that matches your profile: https://goo.gl/forms/HmGBVSVic8ugDhYa2.
    If you have any question, you can contact us: gala@spainmarketresearch.com
    Note: we can have an account in Upwork and we can hire you through there.
    Best regards
    English Courses via Skype  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina| by Sanja Granov
    Too busy to travel?
    You want to improve English from the comfort of your home?
    You are looking for experienced teachers with British teaching diplomas?

    Skype courses are an ideal choice for students who want to improve English as quickly as possible from their office or the comfort of their house.

    Our teachers are highly qualified. In addition to a university degree in Philology, they all completed training in methodology, and possess one of the following teaching qualifications awarded by University of Cambridge:

    Cambridge English Teaching Awards
    - TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)
    - CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
    - Delta (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults)
    All of these are internationally recognised and are viewed as a quality standard. Find out more at: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching/

    Although not native speakers of English, our teachers are proficient in English, and their language competence is certified by either Cambridge English: Advanced (C1) or Cambridge English: Proficiency (C2) certificates. Find out more about these internationally recognized language certificates here: http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/qualifications/general/

    Syllabus Foreign Language school offers fast, enjoyable and effective way to improve English language skills, whatever your current English language level.

    Minimum booking: 10 lessons
    Each lesson is of 45 minutes duration.
    After you have completed 30 lessons the school will issue a certificate about your level and achievement.

    Course Fee: 20 EUR per lesson

    The fee includes:
    - Needs analysis at the beginning of the course (30 minutes session, free of charge)
    - Advice on individual learning path
    - All course material
    - Short progress overview
    - Certificate of achievement

    For more information please send us an enquiry to: sanjag@soros-school.com
    Looking for German / Spanish Tandem ; Ich suche einen Spanisch-Deutschen Sprachaustausch  Madrid, Spain| by JUAN LUIS
    Actually I am very interested in improve my German so if you can help me, I will teach you Spanish or English as I show you the best local sites of wonderful Madrid :)
    EL PROFESOR DE INGLÉS NATIVO  United Kingdom| by Gary Skyner
    Gary Skyner, el profesor de inglés por más de 15 años.
    Si deverdad necesitas hablar mejor en inglés, entonces yo soy el maestro para ti.
    Mis clases son para estudiantes que son intermedios a avanzados, y que desean mejorar su capacidad de hablar, escuchar y pronunciar.
    Puedes tener una clase gratis para ver si te gusta cómo enseño. En él haremos algunos ejercicios de hablar y escuchar. También podrá preguntarme cualquier cosa que desee.
    Tengo una biblioteca de más de 200 horas de clases, así que estoy seguro de que tendré algo para interesarte y ayudarte.
    Puede obtener más información sobre mis lecciones de inglés descargando eBook gratuito en esta dirección https://garyskyner.com/online-lessons/ También contiene algunos ejercicios para mostrarle lo que haremos en nuestras lecciones.
    Podemos tener clases de lunes a viernes de 4am a 9pm hora del Reino Unido.
    Mis clases son 20 € por 60 minutos.
    Puede ponerse en contacto conmigo por correo electrónico a skyneronlinelessons@gmail.com.
    English Workshops - Talleres de Inglés  Madrid, Spain| by Simon
    Cursos cortos intensivos, talleres y actividades de fin de semana diseñados para desarrollar habilidades y/o profundizar en áreas específicas de la lengua inglesa. Desde talleres de un sólo día sobre jerga o habla en publico hasta fines de semana residenciales en Londres o la Sierra de Madrid, queremos ofrecer una manera interesante y agradable de aprender el idioma no disponible en un curso de tradicional. http://www.speaktome.es/short-course-unit/
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    Introduction Tutor| by Leesajohnson
    I am Leesa Johnson, newbie to the forum. I am connected online for solving problems and ask questions on latest topics.
    TEACHER FROM TUESDAY 19 TH TO THURSDAY 21 ST Madrid, Spain| by sandra_baf@hotmail.com

    SALARY: 200 €

    intercambio ingles y español Madrid, Spain| by Miguel
    Soy un universitario español nativo y busco alguien con quien practicar mi ingles, y ademas con quien practicar como profesor de español. No duden en escribirme un saludo a todos! :)
    MOVING TO MADRID! Madrid, Spain| by kathryn.bouchard@gmail.com
    Hi everyone! I am a native English speaker and I am looking for work in Madrid! Please check out my website -- www.kathrynirene.com -- and let me know if you need any help with writing, editing, or translations!


    German or dutch people to talk in english about cycling Madrid, Spain| by pertigax@gmail.com
    Hi. I must to talk in english with german or dutch people.
    In December, I pass and oral exam in english with a german guy. If you love cycling, it's perfect, because the exam is about cycling.
    Thank you
    Benjamín (43 years old)
    I WANT TO LEARN KOREAN :) Madrid, Spain| by pilar_lopez_gomez@hotmail.com
    Hello, I'm a 22 year old spanish girl who is looking to do a spanish-korean exchange in Madrid, if someone is interested please contact me!!! my email is: pilar_lopez_gomez@hotmail.com
    Looking for a Swedish teacher! Madrid, Spain| by Paula
    Hey there! I'm a local from Madrid, and I would like to learn some Swedish (have ANY idea at all right now). I could teach you Spanish if you're interested. Please, Swedish people, contact me!!
    Looking for US English native speakers for recording speech samples - 25€ Madrid, Spain| by cirrus
    Cirrus Logic, Inc., leader in high performance low-power integrated circuits for audio and voice signal processing applications, is looking for native people from the Unites States in Madrid (Spain) for gathering voice samples which will be used for the development of a speech recognition system.

    - Age: 30-50
    - Native of the United States
    - IMPORTANT: English speakers from other nationalities are not required

    - Every speaker will be recorded uttering different predefined phrases in several acoustic conditions with a smartphone
    - The whole process will take approximately 1 hour
    - The participants will be requested to sign a document to cede the rights of the acquired recordings
    - As a reward, every participant will receive a gift card (El Corte Inglés) with 25€
    - The recording session will take place in the center of Madrid (Metro: Sevilla)

    If you are interested, please, contact us at audiodb@cirrus.com to get more details.
    Intercambio Frances Español Madrid, Spain| by KI Mbock

    Busco conocer gente en Madrid a ser posible natives espagnoles, para mejorar mi nivel de espanol, yo os puedo ayudar con el frances. También podemos quedar para tomar algo, salir o lo que sea con tal de pasarlo bien!

    A très vite, un saludo !

    Looking for Native English speakers from UK - bit part in video Madrid, Spain| by Claire

    We're looking for several British guys between 20 and 30 for a bit part in a video that will help students learn English.

    Any interest, please respond here!