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    Conversation Classes in the Pub
    Learn languages over a drink with experienced native teachers. Aprende idiomas en un ambiente agradable y con profesores nativos. 5€ for one hour and fifteen minutes*
    What's on?
    Friday at the Movies (Cine V.O.)
    Friday, Aug 26, 08:30pm
    Sundays Intercambio de Idiomas
    Tarde-noche del domingo entre amigos e idiomas
    Sunday, Aug 28, 07:00pm
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    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 25, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 25, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Lara  Spain
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 25, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Thursday | Aug 25, 2016
    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish/English language exchange  Madrid, Spain| by Helen
    Hola señores y señoras,
    Soy Helen, una mujer Australiana. En Octubre, yo voy a ir a Madrid por 9 meses.
    I would like to meet people who can help me with my Spanish, and I can help you with your English (I have a CELTA, so can assist with grammar and speaking).
    As I don't know many people in Madrid, it would be great to meet for a coffee or drink or walk!
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Spanish teacher wanted  Madrid, Spain| by David Chambliss
    I'm looking for an experienced Spanish teacher on Tuesday and Thursday's from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. I'm probably a high A2 low B1 level, and want to improve to B2. Especially I need help with speaking, listening, and verb conjugation. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Fluenly.com is changing the way the world learns foreign languages.

    We are looking for English, Spanish and French teachers that are passionate about helping students succeed.


    We offer 1-to-1 and group classes in modern foreign languages in public establishments such us: companies, universities, bars, cafes and coworking spaces…

    About you:
    - You love languages
    - You love teaching
    - You enjoy working with international students
    - You are a native speaker / bilingual in the language you want to teach

    Teachers of Fluenly.com are patient, qualified, experienced and friendly.
    If that´s you, we would love to hear from you!

    About Fluenly.com

    Fluenly.com is an educational project founded in 2016 in England by foreign language teachers that believe there is a better way to learn and improve a new language. They are a multicultural team with a shared passion about education and who are committed to making a positive contribution to the global community.

    We want to see a world where anyone regardless of their location or background can have access to an affordable, enjoyable and highly effective language education by attending a fluenly* group.
    As opposed to traditional players, Fluenly´s classes are fun, social, and focused on conversation—not grammar and memorization.

    Benefits of using Fluenly.com

    Set your own schedule. Adjust your personal availability on your calendar.Teach full-time, part time or occasionally. You decide when you give the class and where you do it.

    Fluenly.com provides you a professional and attractive framework for you to present yourself to users who visit the site. Students from all over the world can view your profile and contact you.

    Fluenly.com helps you establish your own professional network of students. The bigger your network the more money you'll make.

    We want you to focus on what you do best, which is teaching languages. Let us worry about: marketing, enrolments, technology, payment integrations, technical stuff, domains, bookings, hosting, site development, design, feedback, syllabus, and customer support….so you can focus on tutoring.

    Share your experiences and passions with your students. They want to know more not only about your language but about your country, your history and about you

    …just one more thing…

    Work with us, earn money, meet awesome people from all over the world and learn Spanish for free!

    With fluenly.com you always be reaching new and committed students for your lessons.
    We're doing something special - come join us.

    How to apply for this job?

    No upfront costs
    No setup fees
    Like us https://www.facebook.com/speakfluenly/
    Follow us https://twitter.com/SpeakFluenly

    Fill in your details

    We will get back to you soon!

    We believe that learning and improving a new language should be an enjoyable, affordable, effective and social experience.

    That´s why we have created Fluenly.com to make language education easy, effective and convenient for people of all nationalities, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

    Applications from: Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid will be welcome


    This is why we do what we do and this is our passion.
    Fluenly team
    Intercambio lingüístico español-italiano/ Scambio linguistico spagnolo-italiano  Madrid, Spain| by Carlito HF
    Hola a todos! Me gustaría poder practicar italiano porque es un idioma que me encanta y que aprendí hace un par de años gracias a una estancia Erasmus de 1 año en Roma. Si cualquier italiano/a quiere practicar y mejorar su español, no dudéis en contactarme! Saludos!

    Ciao a tutti! Mi piacerebbe poter parlare l'italiano con qualcuno, perchè una lingua che mi piace tanto e che ho imparato un paio di anni fa tramite una borsa di studio Erasmus a Roma. Se volete praticare e migliorare il vostro livello di spagnolo e potete aiutarmi col mio livello d'italiano, non esitare di contattarmi! Tanti saluti!
    Aupair Madrid / Exchange  Madrid, Spain| by Marco
    Hi all,

    We are looking for an aupair for the first three weeks of July in Madrid, we offer a accommodation and breakfast in exchange we would like that he/she spend half of the day (from Monday to Friday) with our four year old boy, doing activities in english.

    If you are interested please comment your email below and I will contact you!
    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    Grupo para visitar museos, hacer tertulias literarias, y vivir Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Pablo Quesada
    Hola a tod@s:

    Si estás interesad@ en formar parte de un grupo para ir juntos a los museos, asistir a tertulias literarias, ir al cine, confraternizar con gentes del mundo entero, éste es tu lugar.

    El otro día en Beer Station salió este asunto y sin dejarme llevar por la superficialidad dominante de nuestros días, aquí va la propuesta.

    Podemos ir a ver la exposición del thyssen:


    O la de Caixa Forum: http://agenda.obrasocial.lacaixa.es/en/-/impresionistas-y-modernos-expo

    Si quereis contactar, mi correo electrónico es: aquelpabloquesada@gmail.com

    Saludos cordiales
    Kind regards
    Mit freundlichen GrüBen

    Questions for English language learners! Madrid, Spain| by Hannah

    If you are learning English as a foreign language please could you take 2 minutes to answer some questions to help me with some research?!

    What strategies do you prefer to use to practice speaking English? and Why?

    Answering questions about a text
    Reading aloud
    Talking about a given topic
    Language exchange
    In a social situation e.g in a bar or cafe
    Talking about your interests
    Whilst working in a team
    Whilst playing games
    Role play
    Watching a video/film and discussing it
    Being Interviewed

    Your answers don't need to be long but I'd appreciate any feedback!

    Thank you! Muchas Gracias!
    Spanish Classes in Madrid Madrid, Spain| by Patricia
    Hi everyone!

    Are you interested in improve your spanish?
    Do you want to practice your spanish in Madrid?

    Im 25 years old, im spanish and i would like to help you!
    We can take classes in a flexible timetime, don`t worry =)

    If you want it, you can do it!
    Feel free to contact me by email: patrizia_17@hotmail.es

    description Madrid, Spain| by CAROLINA
    Hello. I'm Carolina. I live in madrid. I would like meet new people and learn italian.
    Room Madrid, Spain| by Sara tyndall
    Would like a room from April 24-30 in exchange fot english lessons. (Walking distance to center)
    paintings Yambol| by Nina Mindova
    A place called WORLD Madrid, Spain| by Beatriz
    Hi guys. I am Bea from Madrid, I am looking for meet people around the world that is here at this moment for job or studies or live here and want speak in English. Anyway, I am 26 years old, and I would like if someone or a group want meet and have a good weekend, sharing hobbies, try new things (food, experiences..) The nice weather is coming. if someone is interested in do THINGS, and want meet people while we learn...no only English, please let me know. Have a nice day!
    Sin Grecia no habría más mundo (civilizado) que recorrer Madrid, Spain| by Talismán eBooks
    Una mujer sola. Una mochila. Pasaporte y tarjeta de crédito. Toda la curiosidad del mundo y ese mundo por delante lleno de aventuras esperando. Un universo de personas maravillosas de todas las nacionalidades dispuestas a compartirlo todo y a cuidarla. Porque si tiene alguna ventaja viajar sola siendo mujer, es que todo el mundo te protege.

    Sin Grecia no habría más mundo civilizado que recorrer es la primera de las 21 divertidas crónicas de la intrépida Lizzy Fogg, alter ego de la periodista Elisabeth G. Iborra. Trepidante como un libro de aventuras, útil como una guía de viaje y sobre todo práctico por las opiniones y recomendaciones que ayudan al lector a conocer en profundidad los rincones secretos de cada país y las costumbres locales que dan pistas al viajero para que lo reciban con los brazos abiertos.

    Sin Grecia no habría más mundo civilizado que recorrer forma parte de la colección La vuelta al mundo de Lizzy Fogg que publicará la editorial digital Talismán eBooks. Narradas en un estilo muy personal, deslenguado y crítico, pero llenas de humor y sobre todo sorprendentemente originales y útiles, Elisabeth G. Iborra desvela sus secretos de viajera experimentada y las mejores pistas para disfrutar con pasión y humor la vida social y cultural de cada país.

    La autora ha recorrido Grecia e Islas, Portugal y las Azores, Viena y Suiza, Noruega y Finlandia, India, Japón, China, Seúl, Hong Kong y Macao, Vietnam, Laos y Camboya, Tailandia, Malasia y Singapur, Filipinas e Indonesia, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Israel, Norteamérica: New York y México, Centroamérica: Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia y Ecuador, Brasil y Amazonas, Perú y Bolivia y Chile.

    De cada país ha extraído las peculiaridades, anécdotas y direcciones útiles para narrarlas como crónicas de viaje y ofrecer al lector una experiencia de lectura inolvidable y divertida.

    Puedes leer las primeras páginas del libro en http://bit.ly/1NJZhfZ
    Hallo Leute! Madrid, Spain| by Pablo Quesada
    Hallo Leute!

    Ich möchte mehr Deutsche sprechen und lernen. Können Sie mir hilfen?

    Ich würde froh sein wenn Sie eine Email mir schreiben.

    Wann können Sie uns treffen?


    Liebe GrüBe
    A poem for My Beloved Yambol| by Nina Mindova
    A poem for My Beloved
    1.He is like a bunch of myrrh,
    He is gilding my fingers
    With fragrance.
    He is weaving into between
    My breasts, He is cloaking on
    My pearl buttons in sunrise redden
    Like a droplets of blood,
    A necklace of my heart,
    A star of cinnamon tree,
    A porcelain cup with milk
    On a small table,
    Till a silver spoon which
    He is taking up slowly along
    His stifling lips, and like a butterfly
    Is swallowing a little chalice of my heart.
    My beloved is walking and decreasing.

    2. He wakes the forests green like emerald
    Hayricks, white droplets, running on the
    Face of the sky.
    Eyebrows of clouds ,each snowdrop
    bowing down
    Under His white fingers.
    All blade of grass reducing.
    The pomegranates are like big chalices
    For Holy communion.
    My Beloved lifted it.
    His back have been cut of
    Smart whips, blood veronicas
    Shoots up His white skin,
    Strained like a drum, for fierce mad
    My Beloved will never be separated
    From my breasts.
    Myrrh deeply in my bosom and I
    Live from her Holiness,
    Golden lichen in golden hoops,
    Tightens up my heart.
    Beloved how giving out a sweet perfume,
    Smells a summer.