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    Friday at the O.V. Movies
    Friday, Apr 18, 07:15pm
    Sundays Intercambio de Idiomas
    Tarde-noche del domingo entre amigos e idiomas
    Sunday, Apr 20, 07:00pm
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    Tuesday, Apr 22, 10:00pm
    Thursday Language Exchange
    Thursday, Apr 24, 10:00pm
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    Oliver nnajisunn
    Signed up on Thursday | Apr 17, 2014
    The Gambia
    Signed up on Thursday | Apr 17, 2014
    Madrid, Spain
    Signed up on Thursday | Apr 17, 2014
    jenifer buba
    Signed up on Thursday | Apr 17, 2014
    Newyork, United Kingdom
    I offer a room in leganes madrid or host you some days :)  Madrid, Spain| by Nícolas
    With my three colleagues we are rent a flat in leganes, madrid, near to the carlos III university because we are scholarship holder
    so for my part I'd like to save money (without the landlord realize that I'll rent the room :P) so if a girl need a room please contact me :) I'll offer 190 euros a share room, the price for community, water, gas, internet, etc We divide us it.
    If you thinking stay in madrid for some day I can host you :) if are a foreigne girl I'd like practice my english with you and teach you some spanish :)
    feel to free to contact me :)

    Spanish qualified teacher offers exchange for your English or Italian  Madrid, Spain| by jesus
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to practise my English and Italian conversation in exchange for my Spanish.

    I am qualified as an ELE Spanish teacher and have a proficiency level in English and advanced in Italian but one always needs more practise so as not to forget what was learnt.

    I hope to hear from you and thanks in Advance. I am currently living in Madrid where I work as a teacher in a school and also an academy. I wouldn´t mind commuting to your place withing Madrid
    Looking for a new flat mate  Madrid, Spain| by PAULA MONTOYA
    I´m a girl living in Madrid and looking for a flat-mate to share a flat. I have an announcement in this web site where you could have all the information
    hi every one  Madrid, Spain| by dafir
    hi friends am Dafir live in Madrid now i speak arabic and english ,am look for some interchange with some one to help me to learn spanish...thanks
    nice room in delicias  Madrid, Spain| by Celia
    If you are looking for a room near to the centre, don't miss this opportunity!
    Good location.
    room for rent. 350€ per month plus expenses.
    central heating, furnished. internet.
    Available in May, maybe before.
    We would accept a couple, since the flat is huge, 140m2. Also we accept pets.

    We are looking for sociable, clean and responsible person. Friendly environment.
    Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.
    Regards :)

    Feel free to use the Multilinkual global hodgepodge forum!
    Spanish/Russian-> English Madrid, Spain| by enriquellorente@hotmail.es
    Hello! I speak spanish and russian. And i want speak english. enriquellorente@hotmail.es
    hi every body Madrid, Spain| by dafir
    hi ..am dafir am speak inglish and arabic search for people how can help me to study spanish and help them to learn english or arabic if you are interest in can mail me on "dafir.mahmood@gmail.com"
    Back in Tanzania Arusha| by hawa
    Hola amigos.
    I am not living in Spain anymore. I am back at home trying to do some charity works.
    Some Spaniards and other volunteers who wish to come to Tanzania, you are very welcome.
    I' ll be available to help with questions and some Swahili language practice.

    Besos a todos
    English-Spanish exchange language | by jaimesyago@yahoo.es
    New Years! Madrid, Spain| by Mary-Rose
    It's almost time to say adios to 2013 and greetings to 2014.
    I have recently moved to Madrid and am looking to eat 12 grapes with some nice people.

    My friend told me about this site and that she really enjoyed the meetups.
    Do you lovely people have any plans to celebrate the new year?

    Quiero hablar ITALIANO! Madrid, Spain| by mathias
    Hola!, busco un/a italiano/a que quiera enseñarme su lengua y yo a cambio le enseño español.

    vivo en Madrid.

    Intercambio Español - Alemán / Inglés / Francés Madrid, Spain| by Resi

    soy alemana y voy ir a Madrid enero - febrero 2014. Quien puede cambiar las idiomas: Quiero mejorar mí español y puedo enseñar alemán / inglés / un poco de francés.

    Hasta luego! :-)
    Portugués x Inglés Madrid, Spain| by Val Ferreira de Abreu
    Hola soy un azafato de vuelo que no vuela porque no hablo inglés :(
    te doy clases de portugués/español y tú me enseñas inglés...
    abstenerse gente rara...
    Sound recording for feature film Madrid, Spain| by Steve Miller
    Hi everyone

    I am a British sound editor based in Madrid, currently working on a Spanish-language film based in Argentina.

    There is a scene in the film at an American college, and I need to record some background voices to give it that authentic American college feel (the scene was actually shot in Buenos Aires).

    The ideal group would be 8-10 people, a mixture of men and women, of more-or-less a college age.

    Would anyone living here in Madrid be interested? It would be a meet-up on a weekend in a park for an hour or so. Unfortunately the film is small (this isn't Hollywood!) so I wouldn't be able to pay anything, but might be able to get screen credits.

    Thanks in advance:

    Saludos desde Perú Lima, Peru| by John
    Me gustaría mejorar mi nivel de ingles vía Facebook, chat, Skype o lo que sea..les podría enseñar mi español para que así entre todos aprendamos!!!

    Espero que les interese aprenderlo..
    I'd like to improve my English via Facebook, chat, Skype or whatever .. I could teach my Spanish so that among all learn!

    I hope you are interested to learn ..